Archiware support

  • Currently DDP supports Archiware P5 up to 5.4.4
  • Older releases of V4 before V4.00.019b were both 32bit and 64bit compatible. Releases after that are only 64bit compatible. All Mac clients should be using AVFS version 2.5.1 or later for compatibility with DDP V4

V4.01.018 Updates

  • Fix for rare race condition when node update fails on OSX
  • Support for incoming filename normalisation. To set use commands (at
  • DDP console/ssh login):
  • 'set-normalise-decompose' to normalize to decomposed filenames
  • (preferred setting) 
  • 'set-normalise-compose' to normalise to composed strings (use when
  • application can not handle decomposed filenames)
  • 'set-normalise-default' to use default server setting, which currently
  • is not to normalise filenames. This is setting used up to V4.01.016.

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