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New Cloud Solution Simplifies Management of Remote Video Contribution Devices, Physical and Cloud Servers, and Routing of Live or Recorded Content

April 2, 2015 — Dejero, an innovator in the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP, today introduced LIVE+ Control — a next-generation, cloud-based management, monitoring, and reporting tool. Designed to simplify IP video workflows used in remote broadcasting productions, LIVE+ Control gives operators the power and flexibility to manage mobile transmitters, servers, and content from any Web browser to improve operational efficiency. With LIVE+ Control, operators can monitor and manage Dejero video contribution devices as well as physical and cloud servers, and route live and recorded content to TV, Web, and mobile playout workflows.

"Dejero is well-known for its industry leadership in mobile contribution encoding and IP video transport solutions that help broadcasters reduce costs, realize operational efficiencies, and capture a bigger online audience. But we're also delivering real innovations in cloud technologies that simplify the management, routing, and multiscreen distribution of field-contributed video," said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. "As the newest Dejero cloud-based solution, LIVE+ Control is a cornerstone in our long-term strategy to simplify remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP."

LIVE+ Control is ideal for news organizations, video professionals, and live-event production companies that are adopting advanced wireless technologies to supplement and extend traditional video uplink methods, such as satellite and microwave. With LIVE+ Control, operators can manage all of Dejero's LIVE+ remote acquisition solutions, including its portable and wearable transmitters, rack-mounted transmitters typically used in vehicles, and video encoding and transport software that runs on notebooks and smartphones.

Using LIVE+ Control in the broadcast facility or in the field, operators can geolocate and remotely control LIVE+ transmitters deployed anywhere in the world. A customizable grid of low-latency video thumbnails simplifies the monitoring of incoming feeds. Ingest operators can view a higher resolution, higher frame rate preview and simply drag and drop it to an output for automated routing to broadcast and cloud servers. Additional features include server configuration, performance analytics, alerts, and simplified team management.

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