Caoronavirius Update

Last Update: 12 July 2021.

Our objective here at Digistor is simple – we want to continue with a 'business as usual' approach as far as is possible, whilst at the same time ensuring the health and well being of, not just our team, but also our community as a whole.  If there is anything we can do to be of assistance to you please contact us.

This blog is a living document that we will updated as required.

Our Safety and Well-being Actions

  • We have a member of staff dedicated to monitoring the evolving situation and amending our action plan accordingly
  • Our staff receive ongoing comprehensive instructions regarding State and Federal Government directives and are aware of their obligations and responsibilities in regard to keeping both themselves and their community healthy and safe
  • We have an active Covid Plan in place and are complying with all directives in regard to our business premises, including strictly adhering to the square metre rules and requiring everyone entering the premises to check in using the Service NSW ‘COVID Safe Check-in’ app
  • We have developed a simple checklist, to be provided ahead of any onsite customer visits by our engineering team, to ensure a very high degree of protection for all parties

Business Continuity

  • For the most part, our team are continuing to work remotely for the time being, with the exception of a minimal number of team members, deemed to be essential, who will be working on a rotating roster to ensure continuity of business, including the receiving and shipping of products
  • You will continue to have remote access to our team via the standard email and phone methods, however, in the best interests of our team's well-being and that of our customers, we will be endeavouring to restrict all non-essential physical contact with the help of teleconferencing technology
  • Our amazing team of engineers will be continuing to provide technical services at this time, however, as you would understand, our team's health and safety need to be our number one priorities and all requests for onsite assistance will need to be assessed on a case by case basis relevant to any current lockdown restrictions
  • Our online stores are fully operational, accepting orders and shipping. We look forward to continuing to service our customers' needs through online purchases. We ask for your understanding should there be any product delays during the evolving situation.

Safety Precautions

  • As mentioned previously we have restricted the number of staff in the office on a daily basis to the bare minimum, with the remainder of our team working remotely for the time being
  • We continue to reinforce our office protocols regarding hygiene and have introduced additional cleaning measures to maintain the healthiest work environment possible
  • We continue to reinforce messages related to the symptoms of the virus and directed our team to stay home if they experience any symptoms and self-quarantine after suspected or possible exposure

Helping You Through

As this unprecedented situation continues, we are committed to doing our very best to support you. Here are some of the things we are undertaking that may help you and your business at this time.

Keeping Up-to-Date

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