Its Time

Digistor 25-Year Anniversary New Look and Positioning

Mark Richards, Marketing Manager

It's Time

Its TimeExcuse me while I reminisce.

If you remember this image, feel free to click the image and play the song and sing along. This was the Labour Party's theme from the 1972 Election when Gough Whitlam, who died last year, swept to power. I still remember being inspired by this at the time as a child.

The Liberal Party had been in power continuously for nearly 25 years (see, it's relevant), but by 1972 Australia had changed – politically, economically, technologically. It was time for a change.

The commercial environment where Digistor operates has changed dramatically over the company's 25 years of trading and we need to adapt. Products have become commodities, individual product information is readily available to all yet, at the same time, we've found that customers are increasingly turning to us for services, expertise and advice in integrating products into cohesive workflows that satisfy real production goals in environments that are never the same twice. We have moved from a supplier of products to a consultative organisation that provides integrated solutions; an organisation that leads with our services and partners with our customers to achieve their goals. In short, providing the technology, services and expertise to allow our customers to create.

We're a far cry from the new kids on the block.

We're a far cry from the new kids on the block. This is our 25th year (did I mention that?) of providing elegant solutions to some of the most demanding organisations in the most technically demanding application areas. Our customers are the who's who of the industry and many have grown with us - from the first click on the keyboard, to the opening of their 3rd post facility, commencing their 20th TV series, completing their 10th blockbuster movie or delivering their 10,000th streamed broadcast. And Digistor support has been a critical part of these solutions. With initial consulting and scope of works, then roll-out, commissioning and training and then on-going support services and service-level agreements we have ensured that staff can get on with the job they are hired to do instead of having to deal with technical issues or shortcomings.

With all this in mind, it was time to communicate to the market how we have evolved with a look and market positioning that confirms Digistor as the dynamic and modern integrated solutions provider the company has become.

What About the Existing Logo and Slogan?

Old Digistor LogoThese had served us well, but it was time. The logo was a box which implied products (we're not about products, we're about integrated solutions and services). The logo was hard to scale and have the company name still legible and the format made it difficult to place slogans or accreditations so they formed a coherent graphic. The slogan itself - "create. manage. store. deliver." - was a good description of the processes our customers go through to develop their projects and bring them to the market, but it did not describe what we enabled our customers to achieve, it lacked dynamism and caused confusion in the market ("Is Digistor a production company?").

Defining Our Positioning

After engaging an external marketing company for a 1 day session to help us position the company, Management and senior staff spent a number of days nutting out Digistor's markets, application areas we address and industries we serve, plus how we should communicate to the market. This was an exhausting process requiring many whiteboards of notes, diagrams and charts. We then briefed an external copywriter to help develop company descriptions, vision, mission and slogans. The 1st draft came up with 4 versions of a mission statement, 4 versions of a vision statement, plus 79 slogans. These were reviewed by the marketing team, reduced and revised to come up with (what we thought) were the final and approved versions of each.

These were provided to design company Universal Head to help inform the design of the company mark. Peter Gifford at Universal Head thought we could do better with the slogan and, after a long walk and much pondering over everything we had described about Digistor, proposed an alternative slogan which he thought was perfect. We had to agree.

A New Vision and Mission

At Digistor we live, eat and breathe technology. But technology does not live in a vacuum. We see its purpose as empowering creative organisations and individuals. This is where our people derive their passion. We are thrilled by the challenges that are thrown at us and enthusiastic about seeing our customers succeed using the solutions we provide. For us, it's not just about the products and services, it's about seeing creative people thrive.

So here are our shiny new Vision and Mission statements which reflect what we do and how we want to be seen in the market. These are the guidance and inspiration for how we serve the market.

Our mission is to design, build and support outstanding technology solutions for VFX and post facilities, broadcasters and any professionals who need to manage digital media. By partnering with our customers, we enable them to achieve their business and production goals and inspire them to creative brilliance.

Our mission is to design, build and support outstanding technology solutions for VFX and post facilities, broadcasters and any professionals who need to manage digital media. By partnering with our customers, we enable them to achieve their business and production goals and inspire them to creative brilliance.

Our vision is to be the company that the professionals turn to when they need to manage digital media. We're the ones who 'get it', the experts whose enthusiasm, experience and systematic approach make us their first choice and trusted partner.

The New Logo

Peter at Universal Head developed 5 concepts for the company mark and we worked together to narrow to 1.

And here it is. It's different. It's new. It's a bold statement of our re-positioning.

Digistor Logo

The logotype emphasises professional confidence, with an understated but friendly creative flair. You'll notice the G has been replaced by a modified reversed D to give the logotype distinctiveness, originality and balance. From the O comes an effervescent bubble of creativity, forming from, and bursting out of, the confines of the type, suggesting what our our customers can achieve with us. The central bubble works with the "O" to create a target showing that Digistor has "hit the target" - the "we get it".

It's different. It's new. It's a bold statement of our re-positioning.

Logo with VendorsWe love it! I hope you will too. Let me share a few more reasons it works so well….

  • It works with various vendor certifications and qualifications used on co-sponsored websites, print materials, etc.;
  • It works at small sizes and stays legible;
  • It works in reverse, on dark and light backgrounds;
  • It works on video, on computer screens, on TV right down to a small bug in the corner, on websites…
  • and the bubbles are an easily used and instantly recognisable icon.

But what about the slogan?

Digistor. Now create.

"Digistor. Now create." It states what our customers can achieve, not what we do. Everything before the creative process - all the hassle, tech, set up, maintenance etc., is encapsulated by the word Digistor - i.e. taken care of by us. All the customer has to do is create.

It feels very immediate ("now"), action-oriented ("create") and contemporary.

All of Digistor's customers have a vision to create something great. It could be an animated video that goes viral on-line, a tightly edited 13 part TV series, a managed repository of millions of pieces of media, a world-class visual effects facility, a national news portal, an efficient broadcast graphics department, eye-popping special effects for a movie, state-of-the-art teaching lab or whatever. Yet there are hurdles that need to be cleared before any vision can become a reality – defining the workflows and technical pipelines; specifying equipment, software and networks; preparing sites; financing the project; installation, training, on-going support and maintenance; and the like. Digistor works closely with customers to understand their vision and clear these hurdles. Don't let technical hurdles become stumbling blocks to your vision. Partner with Digistor and now create.

All of Digistor's customers have a vision to create something great.

Any project needs to reach the desired goals. Business goals, production goals, staffing goals, timeframe goals. These are the critical things that go towards realising the vision you have for your project, your organisation or yourself. Digistor works by understanding your goals from the outset and bringing our skills and experience to bear to ensure those goals are achieved or, in some cases, help decide if those goals are even achievable. We work as your technology and services partners, sharing a common vision, to get to a common destination. And when the next destination looms, we'll work with you to get there too.

... But Wait. There's Even Colour Choices!

Its TimeAs part of the design, Universal Head developed new colour variations to play with depending on mood, purpose, personal choice. Through the mark we can maintain familiarity. With the colours, we can add a sense of surprise and playfulness.

This lends itself nicely to the new business card design, allowing the members of the Digistor team to choose their own colour to reflect personal choice and personality.

The New Digistor Website. Split Personality?

You may have noticed there are almost 2 separate websites on the 1 Digistor website - the main website and the Digistor Shop Online. This may seem strange at first, but it is a deliberate design created with 2 objectives in mind

  1. Provide clear market positioning of Digistor as a high-end integrated solutions and services provider with information about and access to our services as well as our customers, training, events and more.
  2. Provide a superior shopping experience to those customers that know what they need and want a seamless purchase process at competitive pricing.

Customers' purchasing behaviour and requirements in our industry have become increasingly diverged. For each purchase/project there is a requirement to

  1. either involve us on a consultative process to utilise our expertise and services to develop and deploy a complete solution, or
  2. to purchase a known product or products quickly and simply

Any individual customer or project may include a mix of both over time. The new site caters for both these scenarios.

Digistor Shop OnlineYou'll notice that the store has a different colour scheme to the rest of the site (if it's blue, you're shopping) and is dedicated to e-commerce with all of the modern internet shopping features that customers have come to demand. It is completely mobile responsive, includes compare, wish-list and review functionality and has a streamlined 1-step checkout. We're very excited about the new store. Check it out.

Our new eCommerce Sales Specialist, Stephanie Hanly-Jones, has worked over the last 5 months with our developers to provide the best shopping experience in the industry. Steph will be dedicated to keeping the site up-to-date and keeping you informed about new releases, specials and more. Make sure you sign up to the Digistor Shop Online newsletter and social media channels.

Read Steph's blog on the new Digistor Shop Online.

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