How Many EIZO monitors you can use with M1 Mac?

M1 Macs support ONE external monitor via Thunderbolt 3 port. Connecting a second monitor to a different Thunderbolt 3 port will not work. Yet. We assume this will be rectified in a later Mac OS update.

Colour looking too bright on an M1 Mac?

The signal from the Mac computer changes to YUV Limited Range, which may cause banding and colour issues particularly in a wide gamut monitor. ColorEdge fix: Access the administrator menu (switch off monitor, switch back on holding down either the far left or 2nd from the far left button (depending on model), until the admin osd menu appears. Change the Signal Format from Video / Yuv to PC / RGB.
colour profile issue wfhfatbaneso

ColorNavigator 7 calibration system for ColorEdge monitors

M1 compatible version planned to be posted at the end of March. Watch this space.