ASE Edit Royale 2019 Replay

ASE Edit Royale

What makes a hot-shot editor or great edit?

ContentantsThe Edit Royale 2019 event, hosted by Digistor, is available on-demand here.

Five emerging editors competed to show off their editing artistry and speed. Each edited a complete music video from unseen media in only two hours. The editor whose edit was voted the best edit of the night was Emily Clulow using Avid Media Composer on Windows. Congratulations Emily!

Watch the whole event ...

Competitor Final Edits


Emily Clulow

Avid Media Composer on Windows


Ange Vic

Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac


Alexandre Guterres

Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac

Liily Davis

Avid Media Composer on Mac

Steven Love

Avid Media Composer on Mac

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