ASE Edit Royale 2020 Replay

ASE Edit Royale

It may have looked a little different this year, but not even COVID-19 could stop us!

What makes a hot-shot editor or great edit?

ContentantsThe Edit Royale 2020 event, hosted by Digistor, is available on-demand here. Five emerging editors competed to show off their editing artistry and speed. Each edited a complete music video from unseen media in only two hours.

The editor whose edit was voted the best edit of the night was Carly Anne Kenneally using Avid Media Composer on Mac. Congratulations Carly Anne!

Watch a replay of the whole event ...

Competitor Final Edits


Carly Anne Kenneally

Avid Media Composer on Mac

Carly Anne writes, produces, directs and edits working in narrative, documentary and advertising. Currently she is in post-production with her film The Fort and works full time as an assistant editor at The Editors.


Angus Roche

Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac
"I'm a freelance editor with terrible posture and a strong penchant for meticulously colour-coded timelines. Graduated from AFTRS in 2018, the same year my first feature, a doco titled Two Wolves, premiered at Antenna Documentary Film Festival."


Matt Hodges

Avid Media Composer on Mac
"I'm a TVC director and editor with experience creating short form content for the Seven Network, as well as commercial clients including McDonalds, Toyota, Nissan, Holden, Samsung, Glaxo Smith Kline, Qantas and Vodafone."

Keaton Stewart

DaVinci Resolve on Mac
"I'm an independent film maker and artist, who works across the disciplines of editing, writing, directing and producing. My works as an editor spans content from the Olympic Games to our local television screens."

Bettina Otterbeck

Avid Media Composer on Mac
"I cut a music video for MTV once, but it was back in the days when things were shot on film and it wasn't this century. Since then I have cut a lot of long-form things starting with R - Reno and Romance Reality TV."

What did people say about Edit Royale 2020?

"Awesome night and a great opportunity for us editors to showcase our skills and meet other people in the industry"

"I was nervous before arriving but there was a great atmosphere in the room, I felt comfortable and supported from the get-go"

"...thanks to the organisers for making it run so smoothly"

"Being part of the Edit Royale was a cracking good time. Not an everyday scenario to edit under so was a great challenge to undertake"

"The greatest part of the night was seeing how artists all approach the same challenge in their own unique way"

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