Adobe Integration with Avid Workflows for Broadcast & Post-Production

Avid Adobe Integration

Key Customer Briefings and Demonstrations at Digistor Headquarters

Join us for a personalised and expert session on Tuesday 16 or Wednesday 17 February to learn how Avid's Adobe integration has made content creation faster and easier for broadcast, post-production and media enterprise.

Complete the form or call us on 02 9431 6000 now to book a session.

We are booking specific sessions for each customer over the two days, so get in fast before all the slots fill up!

Avid and Adobe Integration

Imagine being able to access your organisation's entire media library, share projects, and collaborate with other editors and content contributors from anywhere. Avid has already made this possible through its MediaCentral platform and Avid NEXIS shared storage.

But what if a team of editors could share sequences, projects, and folders using their editing tool of choice—Adobe Premiere Pro or Media Composer—in a collaborative, silo-free environment? Without disrupting the workflows they know and love. Avid and Adobe have now made that possible, opening up new possibilities for high-efficiency media production.

With direct connection to the MediaCentral platform, Premiere Pro users gain powerful media asset management and storage opportunities, enabling them to find media quickly and collaborate with Avid users to complete projects faster, together.

Interactive Presentation and Live Demonstration

We've brought together Avid representatives and Digistor specialist consultants and technicians to provide an understanding of these platforms and developments in an interactive and live demonstration environment using Digistor's custom demonstration setup. And because these sessions will be exclusive to your organisation, you can share information unique to your environment and get the specific answers you need, including estimated costs.

During the demonstration, you'll learn how to:

  • Simplify media management and find media fast
  • Enable remote collaboration
  • Increase productivity through accelerated workflows
  • Protect your workflows and production
  • Jump-start story creation

You'll experience how this open platform eliminates workflow silos, enabling editors to use their editing tool of choice and collaborate with others from anywhere. You'll see how it can improve efficiency, offering comprehensive end-to-end workflows—from media ingest, phonetic search, video editing, and remote reporting, to graphics integration, social media workflows, and multi-platform distribution. Plus, you'll see how it can be configured to provide only the tools and capabilities each team member needs to do their work, delivering unmatched flexibility and security.

Who Should Attend

This event is ideal for those managing editing, broadcast and post-production professionals and teams regularly working with Avid and Adobe software, particularly those actively utilising Avid NEXIS, MediaCentral and Adobe Premiere Pro.


These are exclusive, small-group presentations/demonstrations conducted at Digistor's offices in a COVID-safe environment.

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