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Disign Visualisation Today
Image courtesy May + Russell Architects Pty Ltd

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Tools and Techniques for High-End Presentation and Photorealistic Rendering

You are only as good as you look!

This online "virtual conference" will include presentations, demonstrations and an interactive panel session where you can learn the current state-of-the-art tools and techniques for visualisation.

  • See the latest tools in action and how to improve your workflows, presentations and visualisations.
  • Hear from industry experts about real-world projects, how the technology's used, and where it's going.
  • Have your questions answered and discussed from both a technology and business perspective.

Industry leaders from Binyan, FloodSlicer and Urban Circus will discuss their experiences building successful studios and creating awe-inspiring visualisation. Experts from Autodesk will demonstrate the latest tools and workflows.

Sessions include:

  • Beyond the Tools
    How creativity and innovation have become the stock and trade of 3D artists the world over.
    Andrei Dolnikov Founder & CEO, Binyan
  • BIM Design Visualization Workflows
    Reviewing best practices on how to link and prepare BIM files for use in 3ds max, including how best to manage large complex files, what assets (families) to use from Revit vs 3ds max, and best settings for still renders and animations.
    Samuel Macalister Architect & BIM Solutions Engineer, Autodesk Australia
  • The Future of Digital Tools in the Built Environment
    The world's current state of play is a timely nudge forward in this space and Ben will share his thoughts on how digital tools are driving real value.
    Dr Ben Guy, founder and CEO of Urban Circus
  • 3D Modelling from concept design through to construction
    InfraWorks is a 3D modelling platform for Infrastructure projects, but it is much more than that. It is used across many disciplines due to its speed, ease of use and flexibility through supporting multiple data formats. Get an overview of InfraWorks, with examples of how designers and asset owners can benefit from using this tool from concept design through to construction.
    Adam Walmsley Civil Infrastructure Technical Specialist, Autodesk Australia
  • Bending Technology
    This session will investigate the tools we use today, how they've changed, and how the artist can bend the rules to create newer and better things. What are the pitfalls of this process, and how can we take this process and inform the tools we need rather than accepting the tools we are offered?
    Daniel Flood Director, FloodSlicer
  • 3ds Max 2021 new features and updates
    A quick look at some of the cool new features, and improvements to old features, in the newly released 3ds Max 2021.
    David Zwierzchaczewski Animation Specialist, Autodesk Australia

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Watch on Demand

Who Should Attend

This virtual conference is ideal for those involved in design visualisation, infrastructure visualisation, presentation, photorealistic imagery, architectural rendering, cloud rendering, virtualisation, render farms, and AR/VR. Those who are working in architectural and construction organisations or departments; including Architects, Artists, Designers, Studio Owners, Heads of Visualisation Departments, BIM Managers, Heads of Post-Production, CTOs, and DCC Specialists.

Presenters and Panellists

This event is presented by specialists and represents a unique opportunity to glean invaluable information from leaders of both technology developers and industry.


Andrei Dolnikov
Founder & CEO, Binyan

Andrei is an Interior Architect and Founder of BINYAN - a leading Architectural 3D Rendering & Animation Studio specialising in the creation of bespoke, considered and memorable architectural films & images. He started the business in his Sydney living room after working as a visualiser in the U.S. and has since guided Binyan to its place as a leader in the field. The team of 120+ artists and producers are currently working on projects all over the globe from its four studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New York. Andrei has built a team of world-class artists who work together to bring originality and sophistication to their clients' projects.

Binyan Image
Image courtesy Binyan Studios. Myriad, Melbourne - Architect: Elenberg Fraser

Sam Macalister

Samuel Macalister
Architect & BIM Solutions Engineer, Autodesk Australia

Samuel is an Architect & BIM Solutions Engineer for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) team for Autodesk based in Sydney, Australia. He focuses on Building Design workflows for Design and Construction using Autodesk's Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Cloud computing technology, with a passion for visual communication to improve design development and construction coordination. Prior to joining Autodesk in January 2011, Samuel worked in the Design & Construction Industry as an Architect in London for international firms BDP & HOK. He is a regular speaker at AU Vegas and also teaches/lectures Digital Design Construction workflows at the University Technology of Sydney.

Ben Urban Circus

Dr. Ben Guy
Founder and CEO. Urban Circus

Dr Ben Guy is the founder and CEO of Urban Circus, who have been delivering digital tools for the built environment for almost two decades. Urban Circus was started with a vision to digitally transform urban planning and has grown to include capabilities from interactive digital systems, 3D model, image and video production, advisory services and strategic stakeholder workshops. Ben has an innate ability to take complex information and make it easy to understand and comprehend.

Urban Circus Studio
Image courtesy Urban Circus

David Z

David Zwierzchaczewski
Animation Specialist for Media and Entertainment ANZ/APAC, Autodesk Australia

David is the Animation specialist for Media and Entertainment in ANZ/ APAC. He has been with Autodesk for eight years where he is part of the 3DS Max, Maya, and Motion Builder Beta teams, as well as a general technical specialist for media and entertainment pipelines, and software solutions. Before starting at Autodesk David had work in the Film, TV, and computer games industries, working for various studios, such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Rock Star, Sega. He has an in-depth understanding of how these industry sectors work and the cross over with software and workflows.

Adam Walmsley

Adam Walmsley
Civil Infrastructure Technical Specialist, Autodesk Australia

Adam is a Civil Infrastructure Technical Specialist for Autodesk. He focuses on enabling the industry to design, document and construct Civil Infrastructure projects using improved connected workflows. His passion lies in using computational design processes to help automate and improve design. Prior to joining Autodesk in April 2019, Adam had worked for 12 years in the structural design and civil construction industry, holding lead Digital Engineering roles on challenging major projects in Australia.


Daniel Flood

Daniel Flood
Director, FloodSlicer

A multi-award-winning graduate of Architecture at the University of Melbourne Architecture School, Daniel has developed a unique and preeminent expertise in the animation of architecture and the creation of compelling virtual experiences. His pioneering work from the late 90s was instrumental in the growth of the visualisation industry, establishing an artistic credibility for then nascent technologies that eventually led to the co-founding of FloodSlicer. Published by both industry and academia, Daniel has lectured all over Australia. Amongst other notable works, in 2010, Daniel directed the creation of the When component of the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture who's focus was on the use of stereoscopic imagery in the re-imagining of space, narrative and geometry.

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