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Remote Production Webinar

See how new technologies can reduce costs and increase opportunities in live and remote production

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A Digistor Professional Webinar — Conducted Wednesday 2 June 2021

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The sending of live video feeds, at high quality, from one location to another is becoming an increasingly common requirement for many productions — reducing the need to have everything and everyone on location.

Achieving this used to be a choice between high cost or low quality. Today, it's possible and increasingly cost-effective to produce and deliver live video feeds reliably and at very high quality (broadcast quality) over normal internet connections without requiring dedicated lines, microwave links or satellite connections.

End-To-End Remote Live Workflows

Watch this webinar recording to learn how the latest technologies can be applied to applications including

  • Monitoring Live Video from Remote Locations
  • Remote Production of Live Events
  • New Generation Production in the Cloud

In this recording, we explore the terms and technologies and the latest products and techniques, delivering insights into what's possible now and what's coming in the near future. We'll also outline real-world examples showing how the products and infrastructure can be utilised to make you successful in deploying remote production workflows. Cost breakdowns were also provided.

Developments in remote collaborative production, video over IP, LTE and 5G, SRT, NDI and bonded network technologies are coalescing to drive down the costs of covering live events — reducing the amount of equipment and people required — and, as a result, enable new business models exploiting new opportunities for live and remote production.

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Wednesday 2 June 2021 11:00 AM AEST


This event was presented by Digistor specialists and represents a unique opportunity to glean invaluable information from our experts.

Andrew Mooney

Andrew Mooney
Managing Director, Digistor

Managing Director Andrew Mooney founded Digistor in 1990. His experience designing, installing and maintaining services for broadcasters and post-production houses had made it clear to him that the industry needed a group of experts who could look at things objectively. The result is a company that for 30 years has been providing elegant solutions to leading organisations in the most technically-demanding application areas.


Edward Shen
Senior Engineer, Digistor

As Senior Engineer, Edward has provided network consultation, design, optimisation and troubleshooting for many Digistor customer projects. His knowledge of network technology as applied to media content and distribution has seen him develop and implement highly successful workflows for Digistor's clients. He has many accreditations including Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, Peplink Certified Engineer, Dell Certified Specialist, Avid Certified User and holds a Master of Science, Internetworking Masters Degree from University of Technology.

Products Covered in the Webinar

We'll be utilising products from the leading vendors, including


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Kiloview website

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Peplink website

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