How to Work Remotely with Media & Entertainment Workflows

Remote Editing Webinar

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A Digistor Professional Webinar

Learn invaluable information and insights into enabling technologies for remote working.

Learn how you can be productive in remote environments for Media and Entertainment Workflows, including:
• Remote access and control of on-premise workstations
• Remote editing with cloud and proxy-based workflows
• Delivery of broadcast-quality pictures using cellular networks
• Workflow orchestration and automation
• Cloud solutions and hybrid workflows


Wednesday April 15, 2020 11:00 AM AEST
Duration: Approx. 45 mins

A question and answer facility is provided to allow you to ask our experts to clarify information and pose relevant questions for your specific requirements.

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This event will be presented by Digistor specialists and represents a unique opportunity to glean invaluable information from our experts.

Paul Hayes

Andrew Mooney
Managing Director, Digistor

Managing Director Andrew Mooney founded Digistor in 1990. His experience designing, installing and maintaining services for broadcasters and post-production houses had made it clear to him that the industry needed a group of experts who could look at things objectively. The result is a company that for 30 years has been providing elegant solutions to leading organisations in the most technically-demanding application areas.

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Patrick Trivuncevic
Solutions Architect, Senior Systems Engineer, Digistor

As Solutions Architect and Senior Systems Engineer, Patrick is instrumental in delivering pre- and post-sales services including initial consulting and scope of works, roll-out, commissioning, training and then on-going support services to ensure customers are productive and can maximise their creativity, unhindered by technical issues or limitations. In a career spanning eighteen years, Patrick has excelled in pre- and post-sales support of specialised technology solutions in High-Performance Computing, Research and Education, Cloud, Content and Media..