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Reeltime Bites: Unreal Engine

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When and Where
  Live Webinar
  Thursday 7 December 2023
  2:00pm to 3:00pm AEDT (Sydney Time)

A "Reeltime Bites" Webinar from Digistor

Thursday 7 December 2023

This event is a high-level overview of using Unreal Engine for super fast previs, look dev and rendering.

We'll share tips and tricks from studios using Unreal Engine now, showing how to reduce production costs and get to the final pixel faster. We'll also cover pipeline workflows around asset management and remote real-time collaboration. Lastly, we'll touch on ongoing advancements in Multipass Rendering, Universal Scene Description (USD), and Unreal for ShotGrid.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover the advantages Unreal Engine could bring to your work or studio.

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What we're covering:

  • Unreal to 3D Software and Back Again: Non-linear production management
  • Getting used to a different way of managing assets and projects
  • Multiple people working in the same scene at the same time
  • Version control and remote collaboration tools
  • Getting better renders out of Unreal Engine
  • Hybrid lighting pipelines; Post processing and Multipass Rendering;


Who Should Attend

This webinar is a must-see for anyone exploring or developing workflows using Unreal Engine. This would include:

  • VFX Supervisors
  • Production Coordinators
  • 3D Generalists
  • Lighters and Compositors
  • VFX Artists
  • Visualisation Artists
  • Render Wranglers
  • Pipeline TDs

Plus anyone interested in using Unreal Engine for non-games applications.

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Ethan Toose

"Reeltime Bites" events are hosted by Digistor and presented by Ethan Toose, Business Development Manager & Unreal Engine Consultant at Digistor. Ethan has 20 years of experience working for Digistor's biggest clients in animation and VFX. They've focused most recently on using Unreal Engine for real-time rendering and high-end visualisation, and are now helping Digistor's clients develop new pipelines and solve interesting new problems across the AEC / VFX space. Ethan's experience and enthusiasm for technology solutions to enhance visualisation applications make for compelling presentations.

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