Teradici recently launched a new firmware release this week due to a new Ripple20 related CVE reported to Teradici by Treck with a base score of 6.5. We felt it was necessary to notify our distributors of this minor but important update. To learn more about this recent Ripple20 CVE, please visit the security advisory for more details.

  • All previously published CVEs related to Ripple20 were patched in our June release

  • Due to the severity of this newly reported CVE, we decided to provide customers with a point release immediately rather than waiting for 20.07 next week

  • Both the new point release of 20.04 and the 20.07 release include all Ripple20 related patches that Treck and Teradici are aware of

  • Customers can get this new Zero Client Firmware HERE

  • Customers can get this new Remote Workstation Card Firmware HERE

If you need assistance in upgrading the firmware for your zero client and remote workstation card, please contact Digistor.