Resolving Issues

If Adobe Premiere is experiencing "weird behaviour", try these steps to attempt to isolate and resolve the issue.

Please note that these steps are not intended to address a specific issue and are not comprehensive.

  1. The timeless restart. 
    This is an often overlooked troubleshooting step, yet it has been resolving issues since the introduction of the personal computer. Restarting the system will clear temporary system files, free up all system RAM, and start the system from a clean slate.
  2. Verify you are running the latest appropriate version of Creative Cloud for your system. 
    Depending on your environment, you will want to make sure you maintain compatibility with the rest of your system.  Updating from 2014 to 2015 will cause compatibly issues, however there are smaller incremental updates that include numerous bug fixes.
  3. Clear Premiere Pro media cache. 
    From Adobe Premiere Preferences, select the Media tab, under the media cache database, select clean.
  4. Clear After Effects cache. If you are using dynamic linking between After Effects and Premiere, you may also need to clear out the After Effects cache.  From within the After Effects preferences, select Media & Disk Cache, then select Clean Database & Cache.
  5. Reset Preferences.
    Corrupted preference files within Adobe can also cause erratic behaviour within the software.  It may be necessary to reset Premiere to the default settings.  Prior to restoring Adobe settings, make sure to backup your preferences either locally or on creative cloud. To restore Adobe's default preferences, hold down the "option" key while opening Adobe.  You can release option once the Premiere splash screen appears.

There is also a great software package by Digital Rebellion called "Pro Maintenance Tools". It includes an assortment of applications that will help you Maintain, Optimize, Troubleshoot your NLE.  It is a paid application bundle that is well worth the cost as it saves a tremendous amount of time. There is a 30 day trial so you can test drive it prior to purchasing.

There are 17 bundled applications with the tool kit but the most useful ones are listed below:

  • Quickfix: 
    One click application that does either a basic cleaning of all system/Adobe settings/preferences and cache folders or a more advanced clearing of the above files/folders if provided with an admin password. (very helpful for editors)
  • Crash analyzer: 
    Attempts to turn Adobe crash logs into something that is easier to understand to the average user
  • Housekeeping:
    An application which clears system, and adobe caches with a  click of a button. 
    Preferences Manager:  Assists in backing up, and restoring Adobe preferences.
  • System Toolkit: 
    Allows a user friendly ability to run specific system checks, and advanced UI adjustments.
  • Autosave Manager: 
    Allows detailed control of where autosaves are stored, how long they're stored fore and configuration options to auto clean the folders.

Digistor Support Services

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