By Jordan Tiburcio

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Technology has yet again evolved into a different level. We are now hearing/reading of news about super advanced AI where the best eSport athletes are beaten on a 1 on 1 game of Dota2. Electronic cars that can outperform what was once considered super cars. Robotics so advanced and human-like that they weird you out. And a decentralised system of digital currency that outweighs the benefits of centralised systems such as banks.

We ask the question, what drives these changes? Money will always be on the top of the list but making money aside we cannot deny the fact that an innovator’s motivation is to make life easier for everyone.

Since I mentioned technology in this blog, I’d like to talk about a principle in Information Technology Service Management which is called Continual Service Improvement. The CSI continually improves the effectiveness and efficiency of a service or process.

Without going through too much details, the methodology is similar to a Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle. The focus here is the CYCLE part which enables the CONTINUOUS nature.

You probably would ask, why are you talking about this Mr Blogger? This has nothing to do with new technology and awesome new products which we love about the Digistor Blogs – well actually it does. You see, innovators would use this methodology to design their new product and new technology. And in the case of our smallish but beautiful industry known as Post Production and Broadcast, having a Continual Improvement mindset can help drive:

  • Workflow Efficiencies and Improvement
  • System Upgrades
  • Adopting New Technologies

Have a look at the CI diagram below and simulate the 3 points above.

continuous improvement 870

What is the Vision?: To be able to maximise our content delivery and meet customer’s requirement.

Where are we now?: We are only able to deliver 50 hours of content every week

Where do we want to be?: With the current number of customers and their weekly requirement, we’d like to achieve 100 hours per week

How do we get there?: Assesment of the workflow and using best practices and recommendation to improve/adjust the workflow. Additional Workstations and Render Farm may be required. Look into new software and tools. Look into the current system and find out bottle necks and addres them.

Did we get there?: Have we met the 100 hours per week? Have we cut down on the process and by introducing new tools or workflow?

Keep the momentum going: Set New Visions

Not only does Continual Improvement help you with your workflow, process and technology, but the same principles can be applied in one’s personal life goals.

Improvement can only be associated to something positive such as efficiency, effectiveness. You probably won’t hear someone improving a process or workflow only to reduce their productivity and make the tasks harder. Remember the key is the CYCLE so you can have that CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT.

Digistor is a Service Provider specialising in the field of Digital Media, Post Production and Broadcast. Digistor offers Professional Services from Project Delivery Management to ITSM such as SLA and Adhoc support. Digistor believes and practices the principles of Continual Improvement with its Managed Services. For more information about the services that Digistor offers, email us at [email protected] or call 0294316000