Avid is aware of the reboot issue affecting Apple Mac Pro devices running some Avid products, which arose late yesterday. This issue is top priority for our engineering and support teams, who have been working diligently to determine and resolve the root cause. As we learn more, we will immediately publish information—directly to our customers and via our community forums and social media platforms—in order to resolve this issue for all affected customers and prevent any further issues.

--- The Avid Team

The problem description (from AVID)

  • A license error message may appear during the launch of Media Composer on a Mac computer

  • Users who then reboot their system may get caught in a reboot loop cycle

What to do if you experience the problem (from AVID)

  • Some customer have reported that reinstalling their current version of macOS has fixed the issue

  • Please take care to not reformat the drives during OS install

  • Install only the macOS that you had been using before the issue arose - there is no need to upgrade your macOS to a newer version

Please check the below video for more information

Latest update: Avid and Mac Pro

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