Modified features

V-Ray for Katana

  • Allow adding statement path by shift-drag a VrayVolumeGrid_In or VrayMesh_In node onto MaterialAssign's CEL parameter
  • Implement preview for Directional LightRectangle in the Hydra Viewer
  • Update the parameters of the Denoiser render element
  • Expose BRDFHair4 in the shader list for Material
  • nodes
  • Make it possible to export .vrscene files in batch mode
  • Add links in the inline documentation for V-Ray nodes which point to our documentation site
  • Switch the VRayMtl's roughness model to Oren-Nayar
  • Switch Displacement to Pre-tessellated mode by default
  • Switch Subdivision surfaces to Pre-tessellated mode by default


Bug Fixes

V-Ray for Katana

  • Fixed crash when trying to export vrscene to а non-existent folder
  • Fixed Python script errors when running Katana in batch mode
  • Make exporter to be more strict and robust


  • Direct light selects are always propagated through refractions
  • Incorrect lighting elements on matte objects when "Consistent lighting elements" option is enabled
  • Fixed incorrect consistent lighting elements with alSurface and VRayFastSSS2



  • Fixed rendering slowdown when the memtracker is enabled during compilation

Download V-Ray Next for Katana, Hotfix 1

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